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Unique Property Buying Services
Our Difference

To those who value the best, Peter and Damon are your local real estate experts that offer unrivaled experience and access to distinctive properties. When you enlist our help to buy your property, you receive the ideal combination of local expertise and Sotheby’s International Realty’s service.


Concierge-level service, great communication, and personal attention to detail

Unlike many agents, Peter and Damon won’t hand you off to their assistants after you’ve hired them. They personally work with you from beginning to end, ensuring you a seamless experience. They’ll actively communicate with you at every step of the process and you’ll have their personal, direct contact information. You’ll never feel ignored or like you have fallen through the cracks.

Honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness

Peter and Damon have a sterling reputation, scrupulously cultivated over decades, proven by thousands of satisfied clients. Forthright and truthful, Peter and Damon work diligently to understand your personal requirements, ensuring you buy only what meets your needs, all at the right price for you. Guidance you can trust and rely upon is rare.

Advanced Negotiation that saves you huge money

Peter and Damon regularly save their buyers 5-10% of the purchase price, compared to other agents. Anyone can show property but only an expert can get it for you at the best price. Peter and Damon have negotiated hundreds of properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Hiring Peter and Damon to negotiate for you can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A network of experts

Buying luxury real estate requires more than an expert agent, it requires knowing the finest inspectors, financial officers, and builders or remodelers capable of customizing the property to your exacting standards. Peter and Damon know and can recommend the best experts in every area; experts like Peter and Damon, who understand the unique needs of high-end buyers. The right team not only provides the guidance necessary to feel confident in your decision, they can save you from both small and catastrophic mistakes, potentially saving you time, aggravation, and large amounts of money.

Rare and priceless knowledge of neighborhoods, micro-neighborhoods, and developments

Much of the most critical information for finding your ideal property cannot be found online. Only local experts with decades of experience – and the right connections — knows the territory with enough on-the-ground understanding to help you find the right match for your immediate needs and long-term goals.

Secret listings

Not every property is listed in the MLS, especially in the high-end luxury market. Some of the best properties are never publicly listed. Only an exclusive group of agents has access to these listings. As Sotheby’s most experienced real estate agents, Peter and Damon have knowledge of and access to inventory that other agents simply do not. Don’t miss out on your ideal property by choosing the wrong agent.

Multi-state knowledge

Haven’t yet definitively decided on Park City? Would you like to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Park City compared to similar areas? Peter has lived and worked in mountain towns across Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, California, Arizona, and Utah since he was 12 years old! The team’s intimate knowledge of Park City and many of its closest competitors, will help you sort out the benefits and shortcomings of each, leaving you with deeper understanding and peace of mind in your final decision.

Linsey & Leake understand your needs and your lifestyle because they live it

They live in an exclusive, gated, golf-course and country club community in Park City and will welcome you into the community and connect you with like-minded people. It’s no surprise that many of Peter and Damon’s clients also become their friends.

Insider information

There are myriad unknown forces at work around your potential property that can change its value and your enjoyment of it, for better or worse. Sometimes a seemingly good deal isn’t such a good deal once certain facts are known. Or there are hidden benefits to a property that only an informed person knows. Perhaps a development that appears exclusive and a sure-bet to increase in value might be secretly planning to flood the market with new properties. Or a corporate merger among developments is quietly being negotiated; one that, when it becomes public, will change the dynamics of the properties in critical ways. Or a new business is quietly planning on opening a major campus nearby – or, perhaps, leaving. Or changes in school zoning, or city and county government developments or regulations being proposed. Little of this information is available on the MLS — or even in the local newspaper. Only a well-connected agent like Peter has this knowledge; information essential to choosing the right property for you, both in the short- and long-term.

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